Unidentified Flying Objects

Always look up. You never know. You might see a U.F.O.

After the heart-stopping hummer experience we headed back to the cabin and settled for a light dinner. The kids were exhausted and rightfully so after white water rafting, hiking and slick rock 4x4ing all in one day! They bathed and were snoring before I even knew what happened. Unusual. So me and my husband celebrated by opening a bottle of wine and enjoyed our grown up time together.

It was such a beautiful clear night, with what seemed like a million stars in the sky. I took the opportunity to unpack my tripod and try some night photography. I set up and took some practice shots. And that’s when it got interesting. At first I thought it was a water spot I was seeing in live view. And then I thought it was the wine. But it was something else. Cue theme from X Files….


This image shows what I first captured. You see what looks like a green rocket or maybe a satellite?


This image shows a green disk. Almost translucent I think. Could be gas but if it were gas, it would move and change it’s shape. I shot off a series of pictures and the green disk stayed in one place.


Here’s an enlarged image of the third shot. I spent about 5 minutes shooting from this one spot. Maybe longer since me and my husband kept looking at the live view to make sure it was still there. We could not see this with the naked eye. You can see the star’s location changes because of the earth’s rotation but object remains in place.


Then, just like that it is gone. I moved the tripod around for a few minutes and couldn’t find it. It seemed to have vanished. But just behind me I was able to find it and got a glimpse of it in the image below.


I’m not sure what it is but any thoughts are welcome. Is it a gas as one of my friends suggested? Or is it something else? Cue X Files music again…

When I saw that it had moved behind us and was staying put, I quickly packed up the camera gear and we headed back inside. We got spooked and freaked ourselves out. Maybe it was too much wine in my system plus all those scary alien movie memories surfacing, but tonight was not the night I wanted to find myself beaming up into whatever was out there. Especially in the middle of this epic road trip.






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