Into The Hoodoos

The Best Dreams Happen When You’re Awake

After watching the sunrise we headed back to the hotel, ate breakfast and rested for a bit. I was ready to set out for a morning hike but my family wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was. I packed our backpacks with PB&Js, snacks and plenty of water and basically prodded the boys out the door so that we could catch the next shuttle.

The benefits of an early visit to the park is less crowds and plenty of wildlife. We saw so many mule deer, pronghorn antelope with their babies and plenty of Utah Prairie Dogs!



The colors and formations of the hoodoos are simply spectacular. What is a hoodoo? These unique structures were once part of a plateau and were carved out over centuries as grain after grain of sediment is whisked away by water and wind. When rain water combines with carbon dioxide, carbonic acid is produced, which further erodes the limestone. Winter has a profound effect on the hoodoos. When snow melts each year, it erodes away at the rock changing the hoodoo shapes forever.

Bryce Canyon was other-worldly to me, and I felt that I was in the middle of something that Dr. Seuss might have imagined. We started our hike down to Wall Street and through popular Queens Garden and Peekaboo loop. An ambitious hike for the kids but one that I knew they could handle. After all, if we had decided to stay in the hotel room all day I am certain they’d literally be bouncing off the walls, jumping from bed to bed and pillow fighting for hours.  My husband on the other hand insisted that I was trying to kill him. You see, the thing about Bryce is that you’re hiking down about 580 feet into the wide floor of Bryce Canyon but then you have to hike back up.  It can be strenuous and steep at times, and I admit that there were moments when I had to stop to catch my breath or remind myself to slow down in part due to the elevation, but I loved every minute of it and would have stayed out longer if I didn’t get the feeling that there was about to be a coup d’é·tat.







Thor’s Hammer



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The end of Two Bridges trail on the Navajo Loop. We head slightly to the right to head toward the Peekaboo Loop Trail. By the look on their faces, can’t you just tell how excited these guys were about the hike up ahead?




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Looking up to the spot where we set up our picnic. Perfect shady spot to rest and refuel.


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Crack in the hoodoo that will eventually cause the shape of this rock to change form.

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