We’re not lost. We’re locationally challenged. ~John Ford

“Some beautiful paths can’t get discovered without getting lost” ~Erol Ozan

Reluctantly we all got back in the car and bid farewell to Capitol Reef and Fruita. We had a 155 mile drive to Moab, our next Grand Circle destination. The landscape quickly changed from lush green fertile land to arid, barren and dusty.  It was interesting looking for about 20 minutes. Dry mounds of rock for countless miles makes for a very long, monotonous drive. My husband eagerly looked for signs that we were close to Hanksville; our marker to let us know that we were nearing civilization and getting closer to highway 70 where he planned to make up some time.

In Hanksville we stopped at a gas station to fuel up. We met a couple that was making the same trip as we were but on motorcycle! I can’t even imagine but it sounds like an amazing adventure. After stretching legs and filling up on water, we were  feeling energized again. Moab was within our sites and I couldn’t wait to get there. All we had to do was stay on Route 24 and it would lead us to the highway. That’s all we had to do.

I’m not sure at what point we realized that something just didn’t seem right. We had been driving for over an hour and no signs of highway 70. No GPS out here. No service. We had to rely on the directions I had written down, which said keep on 24 until you reach the 70. The clerk at the gas station in Hanksville confirmed it. But right now we were in the middle of nothing. So we drove on until we came across an overlook stop. My husband found someone who new the area and he confirmed that we were no longer on 24. We were in Hite Utah. A ghost town on the scenic route which took you through some of Utah’s most amazing and unseen landscape. We could continue on and get to Moab in about 4 hours!!! whaaa

Apparently there was a left turn we were supposed to take back in Hanksville. In all our excitement we had continued on the road which led us to 95. So we turned around and tried not to focus on our 2.5hr detour we had just taken.  Instead, we took in the surroundings and admired the amazing vistas we wouldn’t have otherwise seen had we been paying attention.







We unknowingly crashed a movie set! We had seen a dozen motorcycles zipping through the hills and helicopters overhead. Curious, my husband pulled in. We were quickly approached by a massive man who looked Hawaiian. A body guard type that told us it was a closed movie set and we should turn around.  We obediently obliged.


In Hanksville we came across some interesting dinosaur sculptures.






This was cool convenience store in Hanksville. It’s inside a cave basically. All the walls are rock. Even the restroom walls! It was different.


The views overlooking Colorado River in Hite, Utah. Majestic scenery we would have missed had we not missed our turn!




Back on the 24!





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