The Narrows

I’ve been struggling with how to best organize and post from the thousands of images I shot during our 2-week Grand Circle road trip adventure this summer. To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement, so I decided to just take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea and start with one of many memorable days. The story I share today is of  The Narrows hike we took while in Zion National Park. The Narrows is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon. It is a gorge with walls 1000 feet high and the Virgin River sometimes just twenty to thirty feet wide.  Hiking through The Narrows was one my most anticipated hikes.

On our second day in Zion, I got the family up at 5:30am so that we could fuel up and catch the first shuttle from the park.  The boys weren’t happy but I really didn’t want to get caught up in the heavy crowds I had read about.  Getting there early paid off as we felt like we were the only people walking the canyon. It was a chilly 54 degrees. The water felt like ice. We rented our walking stick, shoes and socks the day before from Zion Mountain School. It’s a smaller outfitter recommended to us by a local guide. They were very patient with my boys and ensured we had the proper fitting shoes and neoprene socks.

Our feet feet were protected from the chill and the shoes helped us walk through the Virgin River, which is filled with some seriously slippery rocks.  I don’t know how people attempt this hike barefoot. We spent a good 6 hours in The Narrows. I would have loved to have hiked as far as Big Spring but  I knew that the 10 mile round trip would have been too much for the kids.  As my husband said – I now have a reason to return!

Narrows start

The beginning of our hike. We tried a brisk walk to warm us up!

I should have prepared better with clothing choices. I had them geared up in bathing suits. At this early in the morning, jackets would have been appropriate.


starting off strong



Taking in the Narrows. Sometimes it felt like a dream; as if we entered into another world.


Never stop exploring.





Surrounded by texture, color, shape, light. Takes your breath away.



As noon approached, the sun started to make its way into the canyon warming us up. The water actually felt good. The crowds started to appear as well. As we made our way back the crowds grew thicker. It was starting to look like Disney. I’m happy we set off early.


Taking in the warm sun.



Here’s a glimpse of what my husband went through. He was not having the experience of a lifetime right here. Never mind that I had him wear a Gopro that kept slipping down. Sorry honey! In spite of it all, we had a spectacular hike.

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