Vegas Baby

Las Vegas! this is where we kicked off our Grand Circle road trip.  We arrived very late on a Friday night and all of us completely exhausted. Once we finally got our luggage and into our rental car we headed to The Westin and tried our best to settle the kids in. My internal clock was screaming that it was 2:00am and I should have been in the middle of a deep sleep. Fore some reason the kids were pumped up. grrrr

6:00am. No rest for the weary because I had to fit in an early visit to the Neon Museum before we started on our road trip.  We walked a bit of the strip so that the boys could see some of Las Vegas. It is the city that me and my beloved were married! All of us starved so we stopped for breakfast at McDonalds. I’m not proud of the fact that we chose the Golden Arches as our first meal of the day, but hey – sometimes an egg McMuffin fits the bill.

The fast food breakfast wasn’t fast enough. We were running late. The museum had us slated in for 9:30am and if we missed our tour we couldn’t get a refund nor could we get on next tour.  The museum gets booked months in advance and the tickets advise to be on time or miss the tour. We hustled back to the hotel and nearly melted in the heat.  Soaked with sweat we jumped in the car and called on Siri to get us to our destination as fast as possible. We only had 10 minutes!!! anxiety set in.  I urged my husband to speed! Step on it! We arrived 5 minutes late. Just in the nick of time. The attendants at the museum were very kind and let us through.

And I’m so thrilled that we made it. The museum was so cool! so much history and great stories behind these signs. I recommend for anyone visiting Las Vegas that you plan ahead and book a tour. Word of caution: It.Is.Hot! The heat reflected off all that metal made us feel like we were being baked. Bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun and A LOT of water.







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Melting in the heat.

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